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Pertinent Links

Government sites:

City of Hartford

This site provides information about the city government and public services, as well as resources for businesses and visitors.

Office of Mayor Pedro Segarra

This is Mayor Pedro Segarra’s official website, it contains information about him and his priorities for the city.

Town and City Clerk

This is the site of Daniel M. Carey, the current Town and City Clerk, who in charge of the proceedings of the Court of Common Council.

Court of Common Council

This is the official website of the Court of Common Council. It contains information about the council’s members, agenda, committees, and meetings.

Directory of Departments

This site provides a list of all the governmental departments in the city.

Political Parties:

Connecticut Democrats

Connecticut Republican Party

Green Party of Connecticut

Election Information:

Register to vote in Connecticut

This site provides information about registering to vote in Connecticut

Connecticut Elections

This site has information about past elections in Connecticut.

Political News & Opinions:

Connecticut Local Politics (blog)

This site is a nonpartisan blog that provides news and opinions about politics in Connecticut.

Hartford Communities That Care, Inc.

This site is a blog in which people can discuss pertinent political and social issues in Hartford.

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