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Video Footage– "Extreme Makeover Hartford!"

The following video documents why so many Burmese come to the United States, and how we were able to help one family through our project “EXTREME MAKEOVER HARTFORD”.

We offer thanks to our film team for being sneaky enough to get some video footage of our experience while furnishing the apartment and meeting our Burmese family, as well as for being able to get some words out of some students and the headmaster of this project – Dr. Anne Gebelein. As you can see, this project was not only based on lectures and discussions on cultural rights, but on active learning. It helped us bond as a group while letting our creative minds fix up and decorate a whole apartment. Most importantly, we reached out to our community and helped a family smooth out their transition from a refugee camp in Asia to an urban city in the US…with lots of fun experiences involved!

For more information about the project, or to view the how-to kit, click here for the main page.

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