Although there are many links already embedded in our website, including links to many social service agencies in Hartford that serve Latinos under our “Social Services” page, there are still other links that deserve special note:

Trinity College Hispanic Studies Program is the program that invented the course Hispanic Hartford and that maintains this website.

Trinity Exchange is the daily bulletin at Trinity College that lists all events open to the general public and where those events are located. If you live in the Hartford area and are interested in attending our Latin American and Iberian film series, or attending a lecture, concert, or other event, most offerings at Trinity are free of charge and open to the public. Check the Exchange whenever you want to get out of the house and enjoy low cost intellectual stimulation. Our film series in particular, which runs 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring, attracts a good number of community residents and offers a fruitful exchange of ideas between the Trinity and greater Hartford communities.

Hispanic Portal is a calendar of events taking place in greater Hartford designed with the Latino community in mind. It is a great website not only for learning what entertainment is available on a given night, but also for networking for jobs and for business contacts.

Institute of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies @ UCONN is one of Trinity’s partners in exploring, studying, documenting, and celebrating Latino life and intellectualism in Connecticut. The institute hosts a variety of conferences, talks, courses, and workshops on issues pertinent to Latinos, among them border studies, literature, and intellectual ecologies.

Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission for CT is a governmental organization responsible for developing and promoting policy that benefits Latinos in Connecticut. They regularly study and report on socio-economic factors in the state that influence the quality of life for Latinos.

Hispanic Health Council participates actively in community-based research on Latino health. Their studies have had a profound impact on the understanding and improvement of Latino health on both a local and a national level. They are widely recognized as a leading force in Latino health and its advocacy.