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Luis Cotto

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Luis Cotto is a Puerto Rican born in the United States. Together with his four sisters, he owned a coffee shop in Hartford called La Paloma Sabanera. They opened the coffee shop to provide a “third space” for the Hartford community; in other words, a space that is neither home nor work. On November 6th, 2007, Cotto won the city elections and became the Working Families Party representative on the city council. Working Families is a coalition of community organizations, labor unions and community activists, which fights for the issues that are most important to working families. This interview describes Cotto’s childhood growing up as a Latino in Hartford, as well as what it means to be Latino in a city in the United States. He was proud to provide an open space for the community through his coffee shop, and through his constant interaction with the community, he has met many Hartford people and has a complete understanding of the necessities of the working community.