Welcome to “Hispanic Hartford,” a virtual space created by Trinity College students in Hispanic Studies and the staff of Trinfo Café. Hispanic Hartford seeks to explore Latino intellectualism, creativity, activism, and history in the Hartford region. Our two main purposes are:

1) to allow members (and admirers) of the Latino Hartford community from within and without academic, artistic, and professional environments to come together to share a cyberspace. It is here that Hartford students and long-term residents can pass through the ivied gates of local universities, cross the thresholds of business and service agency doors, and enter into galleries and theaters, in order to learn from each other and communally celebrate the rich Latino cultures of Hartford. In addition, this website will provide an interface between the intellectual engagement of the academic community with Hispanics in Hartford and the intellectual engagement of the Hartford Hispanic community with itself.

2) This website serves to offer newly arrived local Latinos an orientation to helping agencies, intellectual activities, and other Hartford services in Spanish and in English.

There is a wide array of services and institutions that work with and for Latinos, and this site helps to highlight and clarify what they are and what they do.

“Hispanic Hartford” is a work-in-progress that continues to grow and change. We encourage you to email us your comments and to participate in its shaping.


Bienvenidos a “Hispanic Hartford,” un espacio virtual creado por estudiantes de Estudios Hispánicos de Trinity College y el personal de Trinfo Café con el propósito de explorar el intelectualismo, creatividad, activismo, e historia de latinos en la región de Hartford. Este espacio pretende:

1) permitir que miembros (y admiradores) de la comunidad latina de Hartford, ambos dentro y fuera de ambientes académicos, artísticos y profesionales, se reunan en el ciberespacio.

2) ofrecerles a los latinos recién llegados una orientación a los muchos servicios que Hartford les ofrece, entre ellos servicios sociales, actividades intelectuales, y asistencia comercial.

“Hispanic Hartford” es una obra en progreso que sigue creciendo y cambiando. Favor de mandarnos sus comentarios y participar en su formación.


How to navigate this website and what you’ll find:

By clicking on the various buttons above, you will be led to other subpages of the site.

About Us” describes the authors of this website, but also hosts “The Latino Face of Trinity” that explores in detail the life of Latino students on campus, written by students themselves.

Community” explores the Hartford Latino community, the social services it offers, the Spanish media it produces and consumes, the bilingual programs it runs, its churches and cultural institutions, and much more.

Issues” is a subpage dedicated to exploring political and cultural issues that involve Latinos. The current topic is dedicated to immigration and border crossing.

Multimedia” offers maps that graph out the service agencies and cultural organizations that are found in “Community” as well as a variety of student projects that explore Latino life in Hartford. Among them are interviews with Latino leaders in Hartford; public service announcements about topics of interest to the community (final projects fall 2008); and videos and blogs created by students that explore Hartford’s political and cultural scene.

Scholarship” hosts the virtual Puerto Rican Heritage Trail of Hartford; allows visitors to the site to participate in 4 class readings and lecture topics of the course Hispanic Hartford; and offers student research and theses about Hartford’s Hispanics.

Lastly, “Links” provides website visitors with pathways to more information about Hispanics in Hartford.

Este es un sitio web que ofrece información en inglés y en español. Si Ud. desea información sobre la comunidad latina en Hartford, su historia, sus organizaciones culturales y los servicios sociales que ofrece, haga clic en la palabra “Community” arriba y encontrará varias paginas de interés. Bajo “Multimedia” encontrará mapas con las direcciones de las organizaciones hispanohablantes en la ciudad. Por encima, hay varios videos, blogs, y ensayos escritos en español bajo las páginas “Multimedia” y “Scholarship“.