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One of the few ways in which a community can function productively and for the benefit of all its members is through communication. It is the responsibility of every community member to stay informed about local, domestic and international news that affects the Latino community in the United Status and in their home counties.  These resources are available through a complex system of communication throughout the state of Connecticut.  In this website you will find information concerning local newspapers that are both bilingual and written in Spanish, throughout Connecticut; radio stations and their radio shows; magazines in Spanish and a timeline with a variety of articles from different newspapers involving the Latino community from the Connecticut region.  Our goal is to act as yet another resource for Latinos and other diverse audiences in Hartford and the large community within Connecticut.  Below you may find the link to various resources we have mentioned above.


La Guía Hispana Mission. “To provide the Hispanic consumer with the most complete, comprehensive, current, and accurate telephone directory in Spanish that serves as a reliable source of information for goods and services available in the areas it covers.” About us. “The Hispanic Commercial Guide, Inc. is a Connecticut-based corporation located in Stratford, Connecticut. It …


Newspapers PERIÓDICOS You can find information about Spanish-language newspapers in Hartford, along with information about the type of content they have, and the locations where they can be found, here. newspapers availAble online newspaper language webpage Frequency El Canillita Spanish Weekly El Canillita is a Spanish language newspaper that reports local and national news …

Radio Stations

The radio stations in Connecticut serve the Latino community in many ways.  They provide resources that are both informative and entertaining.  Unfortunately, very few radio stations are broadcast in Spanish.  As a result, the audiences of these few radio stations are extremely diverse.  People from all different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, Latino …

Television Stations

Television Channels and Stations in Hartford Watch Viva Hartford Hosted by Jose Vega and Joyce Bolanos Time: Sunday 6 p.m. Channel 5 Hartford Public Access Visit: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telemundo Works with local business advertising Channel 13 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Univisión Aimed at a Hartford and New Haven audience Channel 18

Timeline of Articles

Since so much press can be negative, we decided to highlight positive press about Latinos and their accomplishments. The following articles will lift your spirits. Timeline of Articles Celebrarán con Mantel Largo los 38 Años de la Radioemisora WRYM La Gigante de Connecticut La Voz Hispana January 11-18, 2007 El Congreso de la Lengua Espanola …

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