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Latino Involvement in Hartford Politics

As a major United States city, Hartford’s politics are important not only in dictating the legislation of Connecticut but also in the influence on the national agenda.  By using their ethnicity as a tool to enter the political discourse, Latinos have played a major role in influencing these political policies and frameworks throughout the second half of the twentieth century.  This section of the website serves to assert the political impact Latinos and especially Puerto Ricans, have had on the city and provide information concerning political involvement and advocacy.

Basic Political Indicators for Hartford and Connecticut

Presidential Politics:  In the 2004 election, Hartford voters strongly supported John F. Kerry over George W. Bush.  Unofficial counts show 4,623 votes for Bush and 22,595 for Kerry

Registered Voters in Connecticut:

Democrat: 671,656 (34.2%)

Republican: 449,727 (22.9%)

Unaffiliated or Minor Parties: 844,433 (43.0%)

Political Rise & Origins

The Origins and Rise of the Puerto Rican Political Presence in Hartford 1955 Olga Mele forms the first Puerto Rican association in Hartford.  Among other activities, voter registration was a central goal. 1964 The fall of 1964 marked the first Connecticut Puerto Rican Day Parade in Hartford.  Aside from celebrating and honoring the Puerto Rican …

Political Groups

Puerto Rican Democrats of Hartford: Founded in 1965 by José Cruz, this group was the first Puerto Rican political group in Hartford. People’s Liberation Party: This more radical group formed in New York as part of the Young Lords Party.  It was active between 1969 and 1975. Movimiento Pro Independencia (MPI): This group was the …

Pertinent Links

Government sites: •City of Hartford This site provides information about the city government and public services, as well as resources for businesses and visitors. •Office of Mayor Pedro Segarra This is Mayor Pedro Segarra’s official website, it contains information about him and his priorities for the city. •Town and City Clerk This is the site …

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