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The following list includes organizations that provide services offered in the Hartford area. Though many of them cater to the entire community, some offer programs geared towards the Latino community in particular.

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Alianca Brasileira Estados Unidos

1718 Park s.f. Hartford, CT 06106


The mission of the Alianca is to form alliances with other community organizations in order to provide educational services and resources to the Brazilian community living in the United States. It is a community development organization that strives to produce leaders and unite the community in the fight to improve living conditions for the Brazilian community.


CAUSA, Inc. (Connecticut Association for United Spanish Action)

555 Windsor St., Hartford, CT 06120

860.424.0077 / 860.560.0396

CAUSA is an organization dedicated to improving the well-being of the Hispanic and Latino population of Connecticut. It works specifically in the educational, health, housing, AIDS, childcare, and elderly services arenas.


Community Renewal Team, Inc.

555 Windsor St., Hartford, CT 06120

860.560.5665 / 860.527.3305

This organization does not operate specifically to serve Latinos. However, it still offers many services to Hartford residents that might be needed in the Latino community, such as assistance in finding housing, education, health services, employment, and basic needs.


Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum

95 Park St., Hartford, CT 06106

860.247.3227 / 860.549.5761

The Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum serves the entire Hartford community, but it centers on the needs of Latinos. It provides the services necessary in finding employment and training. It offers a course in technical skills. Its principle goal is to better the community throughout the education and assistance it provides.


Guakía, Inc.

235 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06114

860.548.9555 / 860.548.9117

Guakia is a school of Hispanic music, art and culture. It serves the entire community to provide a curriculum including music, dance, painting, ceramics, and other forms of Puerto Rican and Latin American art forms. It is the most prominent organization in the arts community in Hartford.


Hartford Áreas Rally Together

423 Washington St. Hartford, CT 06106

860.525.3449/ 860.525.7759

HART is a community initiative started by Trinity College. Its goal is to unite the institution of Trinity with the Hartford neighborhood through the use of the liberal arts education. The organization has three main areas of concentration: the development of culture; increasing the level of leadership in the community; and the development of the relationship between Trinity and its neighborhood. With the creation of the “Smart Neighborhood” program and with the support of the Community Learning Initiative, a creation of the College-Community Innovation Fund, HART is achieving its goals of supporting arts in the community, science in the urban context, and education of city issues. It also supports the Cities Data Center, which collects the statistics and data drawn from the Latino community.


Hispanic Health Council

175 Main St. Hartford, CT 06106

860.527.0856/ 860.724.0437

The Hispanic Health Council is committed to improving the health and social well being of Puerto Rican/Latinos and other underserved communities through community-based research, direct service, training and advocacy.


Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Hartford

896 Asylum Ave. Hartford CT, 06105

860.246.9322/ 860.549.5798

Catholic Charities provides a variety of services. Some of the following include: adoption, pregnancy advising, childcare, family and mental health care, support for immigrants and refugees, assistance for the disabled, and guidance for youth.


Hogar Crea International of Connecticut, Inc.

16 New Park Ave. Hartford, CT 06106

860.232.7353/ 860.233.4733

Hogar Crea offers services for drug abuse problems. This organization has programs to eliminate drug abuse and improve quality of life.


Hogar Crea Women’s Center

164-166 Bartholomew Ave. Hartford, CT 06106


Hogar Crea Women’s Center offers programs made to eliminate drug abuse in the state of Connecticut, and to better specifically the lives of women.


La Casa De Puerto Rico

48 Main St. Hartford, CT 06106

860.522.7296/ 860.246.6070

La Casa de Puerto Rico serves the Latino community of Hartford by helping with the social, economic, and political status of Puerto Ricans in Connecticut through the many programs that are offered. The programs include: the development of living for families from low income households, activities for youth, services for the elderly, and help with civil rights.


Latinos/as Contra SIDA, Inc.

184 Wethersfield Ave. 06114

860.296.6400/ 860.728.3782

Latinos/as contra SIDA, Inc. has programs for Latinos/as and intervention methods to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. They offer assistance in prevention, education, and services for individuals that are suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS.


Mi Casa Family Service and Education Center

590 Park St. Hartford, CT 06106

860.522.5222/ 860.522.60106

The mission of Mi CASA is to serve and educate in a way that preserves and strengthens the cultural and social foundations of Latino families in Hartford all within a multicultural context. For youth, MI CASA offers development programs for building leadership skills, for recreation and sports, for art and dance, and also courses for GED or ESL for adults as well as youth. Also, they offer support groups for parents, including an action commission for patents. Other services that they offer are group counseling for individuals and educational groups, and counseling for drug abuse. For families, there are courses in good parenting, family advice, and family activities, as well as programs for the prevention of drug abuse.


New England Farm Workers Council

490 Ann St. Hartford, CT 06103

860.293.2552/ 860.293.2556

The NEFWC was formed in order to uphold the rights of agricultural workers. Now, it serves as an agency to improve the quality of life for thousands of people with low income. It offers employment and family assistance.


Padres Abriendo Puertas

60-B Weston St. Hartford, CT 06106

860.297.4391/ 860.246.6070

The PAP was founded to promote human rights. In particular, PAP works to guarantee access to education for Latino children with physical disabilities or mental health problems.


San Juan Sports Center, Inc.

180 Pleasant St. Hartford, CT 06103

860.525.0360/ 860.524.0089

The mission of San Juan’s sports center is to provide recreation programming and education for residence of Hartford with low to middle income.


South Hartford Initiative

434 Franklin Ave. Hartford, CT 06114

860.296.7005/ 860.296.7064

This organization works to revitalize Hartford neighborhoods and create affordable housing and economic opportunities for Hartford residence in low to middle income neighborhoods. South Hartford Initiative provides financial assistance for individuals and businesses that revitalized Hartford neighbors.


The Village for Families and Children

2550 Main St. Hartford, CT 06120

860.527.4224/ 860.241.2282

The Village is an agency for community service dedicated to promote a community for strong and healthy families that protect and raise healthy children. The programs help children that have suffered abuse, negligence, or violence and for those that are vulnerable to emotional and psychological problems, and/or with learning and behavioral disabilities

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