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Jorge Rivera – Exec. Dir. – Mi Casa Family Services

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Interview with Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera, J.D., M. Ed, M.S.W., a prominent leader and role model of the Latino community in Hartford, moved to the United States from Caugas, Puerto Rico.  After growing up in a poor neighborhood in Puerto Rico, Jorge Rivera decided to dedicate his life to help troubled children and their families strive for a better life.  With an extensive education in law and the help of many willing, talented people, he founded Mi Casa in order to foster a healthier, caring, supportive community.  Mi Casa offers many family support programs and educational programs to the public.  Jorge Rivera is the Executive Director of Mi Casa, which is located near the corner of Park and Broad in central Hartford.

Due to the length of the interview, we have uploaded selections of the audio interview, which starts with Jorge Rivera explaining why Mi Casa was founded.  Not included in the audio is the description of how Jorge Rivera was inspired to give back to children who are growing up in a rough community because he grew up in a slum in Puerto Rico.  His childhood, he said, did not start on the right foot, but he immediately got on track and pursued his law degree.  He immigrated to the United States and settled in Hartford in the early 1990s.  After seeing the ambiance of Park St. in Hartford, he knew it was where he wanted Mi Casa to reside.  Park St. reminded him of the atmosphere of Puerto Rico.  The name Mi Casa was chosen because it literally was to be another home and place for children to go to.  Jorge believes that his thorough education in law and his knowledge of Spanish and English have helped him found Mi Casa and make it what it is today.