Trinity College’s faculty and students have participated in a concerted effort to research, document, and teach Hartford’s history since the founding of the Hartford Studies Project in 1989. Dedicated professors like Susan Pennybacker and Luis Figueroa have worked hard to organize written and filmic scholarship on Hartford residents, politics, and important events and much of it is available via their website or in campus archives.

Our efforts in Hispanic Studies to look specifically at Hartford’s Latino population is a more recent endeavor and one that has principally a cultural studies focus. Here are some projects in the works:

Carol Correa de Best is constructing a Puerto Rican Heritage Trail of Hartford, that has three segments: Frog Hollow, South Green, and Clay Hill. The walking trail will be in the Park St area of Frog Hollow, and will eventually have plaques to guide those who would walk in the footsteps of generations of Puerto Ricans before them. The virtual trail, that encompasses all three neighborhoods, is currently being constructed right here on this website! Click below to read the finished segments about sites in Hartford important to Puerto Ricans, and listen to their voices.

Coming soon: Luiselle Rivera will make available on the heritage trail website an annotated bibliography and summary of all the research she and the Broad Park Development Corporation have done on Park St and on El Mercado.

Lastly, our students are beginning to design and execute research projects that study Connecticut’s Latino populations, including senior theses inspired by the class Hispanic Hartford. Click the link below to read Morgan Bowling’s senior thesis on Global Disparities in the Health of Immigrant Women, a comparative view of Peruvian women in Hartford, CT and in Santiago, Chile. Based on research done in Hartford and in Morgan’s semester abroad in Chile, the work considers Peruvian women’s access to health services and their experiences when navigating foreign health systems.

Participate in our course Hispanic Hartford right here on the web!

Trinity College does have certain courses available as audio podcast downloads through their Academy of Lifelong Learning.

You can’t experience our course Hispanic Hartford fully on audio, although many student essays on this site have audio “footnotes” of citizens’ voices that dialogue with students’ own; however, you can read selections from our course materials, read how students have responded to course readings coupled with their own experiences in Hartford, and then respond in our comment section. Click on “Four Course Concepts” below to begin participating in the class.

"Disparidades Globales" de Morgan Bowling

This is a thesis in Spanish, but the English below will introduce you to Morgan’s topic. To read the thesis itself, click on the links to chapters below the introduction. / Esta es una tesis en español, pero la introducción que sigue es un pequeño resumen en inglés. Para leer la tesis, haz clic en …

Four Course Concepts

Students in the course Hispanic Hartford completed four assignments that were related to four areas of study: 1) Hartford as a polysystem 2) The relationship between capitalism and community on Park St  3) Religious syncretism and expression among Latinos and 4) Bilingual education and its relationship to cultural capital. If you would like to learn …

Puerto Rican Heritage Trail – Carol T. Correa de Best

Welcome to the Puerto Rican Heritage Trail of Hartford, Connecticut The Hartford Puerto Rican Heritage Trail project highlights Puerto Rican contributions to the city of Hartford and documents the rich history of Puerto Ricans in Hartford, Connecticut. Co-sponsored by Trinity College and Connecticut’s State Historic Preservation Office, the trail project allows its visitors to physically …